Anthe Universe Race

Vilari Sub-Race

Varlari are Vilari who strayed from the Vilari’s worshipping of nature, instead focusing on the strength each individual possesses. As such, they turned to fighting as a way to settle differences.
The only thing the Varlari respect is strength.


Varlari are very violent, solving all their problems by hitting them straight on, or with superior strategy.


Varlari look just like Vilari, with a few exceptions:

They have a red tint upon their fur for bathing in the blood of their kills.

They also have several scars scattered around their body, as even during childhood a Varlari must learn to defend themselves.

Varlari may wear heavy armour, depending on their class, but will never wear anything in the lower side of their body due to their digitigrade legs, which becomes their weakest point.


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