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What are Souls

Every living being has a soul.

Souls are basically like a frequency which is dependent on several factors like health, age, mental state, mental values (as in, what the Being
considers to be right and wrong, their actions throughout their life, etc), and even their known Essences

Soul Quality

Souls are fully developed while the Being is an adult, since the Being reaches mental maturity and has their personality and values fully formed.

Consuming Souls

Souls are extremely valuable due to consumption, since consuming some one’s soul will add their frequency to your own.

This gives you permanent, significantly increased power, not to mention all their known Essences.

Consuming Souls whose frequency is generally the reverse of your own can be dangerous, since your own soul can be corrupted.

This is why demons always look for wicked Beings when consuming their soul, since consuming a nice person’s soul would reduce the demon’s wickedness.

Consuming Souls is Not a Bad Thing

Unlike demons consuming some one’s soul, soul consumption is more often done when a powerful person is about to die, to grant their power to
their child or brethren.


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